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SRFC commits to being unapologetic dynamic leaders for equity.  The task of dismantling white supremacy rests on the shoulders of those who benefit from it most.  It is on us to publicly, enthusiastically, and genuinely support Indigenous and People of Color by de-centering whiteness and instead, center of racial justice.  SRFC’s foundational question is: “Through the lens of equity, diversity and inclusion, “How are the Children?” 


Image Attributed to the Interaction Institute for Social Change | Artist: Angus Maguire | |


Supporting community-level change through resiliency planning

  • Relationship is foundational to health and well-being

  • Health begins with self care and community care

  • Recognizing and addressing trauma is central to self care and resilience

  • Investments must advance relationship, self care, community and resilience

srsrfc's youth impact ready vision map

Vision Map for Youth-Led and  Youth-Engaged Leadership.PNG
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