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Our story

our story


Since 1998, the Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative (SRFC) has built a successful, highly functioning collaborative that brings partners together to create formal and informal supports to enhance the lives of children, youth and families.  We have done this by adhering to the “3 R’s”:  Reality-Testing: listening to children, youth and their parents to determine what’s important to them, what their strengths and needs are and how we can help, Research: combining their input with research-proven strategies, and Results

Accountability: allocating human, financial and in-kind

resources toward strategies that have the best chance at making a positive, life changing impact.

The SRFC Joint Powers Board continues to keep our ear to the ground by working across sectors, disciplines and cultural groups to refine our goals and strategies to better address the gaps in our system of care. 

After all these years (see Historical Highlights), our partners continue to reaffirm the values and value of SRFC particularly in times of great inequities, turmoil and diminishing resources.  They validated that we must persevere as a community who cares about children and youth. We committed to utilizing our leadership, vision, and strengths to make an enduring difference.

Our Strategic Plan is a result of our collective vision for our children and youth in the Suburban Ramsey communities.   

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