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Heading Home Suburban Ramsey


Monthly Basic Needs Practitioner's Peer Learning Team working together to address complex barriers to housing stability through creative problem solving and teamwork.

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The Heading Home Ramsey Suburban Homeless Prevention Planning Team is a partnership between Ramsey County's Heading Home Ramsey Initiative, the Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative which includes schools, social service and community partners, and the faith community. 

Our purpose is to form relationships with Suburban Ramsey faith communities and school and social services to help Suburban homeless students and their families remain in their school districts and in their communities by mobilizing formal and informal supports through integrated and coordinated efforts.

The goals of this collaboration are to:

  • Increase awareness of needs in suburban Ramsey County

  • Create a network of support for homeless or near homeless families 

  • Prevent homelessness through local, coordinated response

  • Coordinate resources and build capacity to respond to the increasing need

  • Identify key resources and opportunities where faith communities can 'plug in' to what is aligned to their work in their communities

  • Increase volunteer opportunities for Project Home and other supports serving homeless families


For more information on homelessness in Ramsey County check out Heading Home Ramsey's website. 

Please click on the folder icon to access your Team Tools such as shared resources, meeting notes, and presentations.

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