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The School-Linked Community Social Worker/Community Resource Navigators from Merrick Community Services and CLUES meet on a WEEKLY basis with SRFC, Homework Starts with Home staff from Solid Ground and St. Andrews, every Wednesday from 10-11am for consultation, coordination and status updates about their active work supporting the resource needs of families in the four school districts in Suburban Ramsey County (ISD’s 621, 622, 623, and 624). 


Every month, on the LAST WEDNESDAY of the month from 10 – 11am, they are joined by a COUNTYWIDE team of Community Resource Navigators with the RCCMHC Community Engagement Director, the Safe Families staff and the Cultural Brokers from MHealth Fairview.  Together, we learn how to build a more cohesive and collaborative team that coordinates our resource rapid response strategies to address emergent needs, gaps and system changes in the community. 

Please click on the folder icon to access your Team Tools such as shared resources, meeting notes, and presentations.

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