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How SRfc Operates

  • All action starts with the question, “How Are the Children?”

  • We use the 3R’s: Research, Reality Testing (Keeping our Ear to the Ground) and Results Accountability to drive our work.

  • We cultivate a “networked & collaborative culture” that supports innovation and risk taking. We build in networking time at all of our meetings for people to meet and connect with others.

SRCF - 2020 Graphics10.png
  • We believe community solutions must be flexible and responsive to create ‘pathways of access’ for children, youth and families who are experiencing at risk circumstances in our communities.


  • We use our collective sphere of influence and shared power to address systems change (systems change = ‘changed lives’ and ‘changed circumstances’ (AKA: “Shifting the conditions that are holding the problem in place”).


  • All resources are shared and budgets are highly transparent to cultivate trust.

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