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Comprehensive and Integrated System of Care

SRFC Target Population: Children, Youth and Families experiencing at-risk circumstances in Suburban Ramsey County.

Key threshold indicators of risk prevention in Suburban Ramsey County: Family Violence/child maltreatment or trauma, Sexual Abuse, Family Substance Abuse, Feeling unsafe in school, Dislike or hatred of school (aversion to school), victimization at school (taunting/bullying), high school mobility, low school attendance, suspensions, fighting in school, highly unorganized in school, unfinished homework, early sexual activity, stress/distress, depression, suicidal ideation, poverty, racism, homelessness, teen pregnancy, abuse of ATOD by parents and/or children/youth, social isolation, developmental disabilities, unengaged parenting, medical problems

Key threshold indicators of protection in Suburban Ramsey County:  Access to resources, opportunities for education, employment and growth, high quality child-care, informal social support, engaged/caring parenting & connectedness, presence of a supportive/caring adult, safe and stable home, Eliminating easy access to ATOD & guns in the home, school connectedness, academic competence and future aspirations, student civility and cultural competency.

All programs serve children, youth and families experiencing at-risk circumstances and are under-served, under-supported and marginalized in Suburban Ramsey County.

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