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How Are The children?

....This is the question we use to guide transformational systems change in all we do.  It includes the following components of action:

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Complex Adaptive Systems Thinking: Adapting rules to address the whole system, its intersections and relationships between the parts that affect children, youth and families.

Shifting Mental Models: Checking in on how our assumptions, beliefs  and generalizations may cause harm and shifting our behaviors and actions to repair and restore trust.

Vision and Power Sharing: Growing cross cultural and inter-disciplinary partnerships and connections to share power, bust barriers and heal relationships in order to change policies, practices and how resources flow.


Personal Investment in Equity: Deepening our commitment to consciously address the circumstances and conditions that keep children, youth and families from experiencing the fullness of health,learning, safety and security.

Community and Peer Learning: Aligning, supporting and developing the capacities of every network to create and sustain meaningful impact.

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