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The Crisis Response/De-Escalation Peer Learning Team meets MONTHLY on the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 2-3:30 and is a newly merged team of practitioners throughout Ramsey County who are dedicated to addressing gaps and creating a more coordinated interdisciplinary approach to children's crisis response across multiple sectors (i.e. schools, mental health agencies, hospitals, emergency response, county services, and sheriff/police).  This includes mental health and chemical health crisis responses.

Comforting Hands

The Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative (SRFC) and the Ramsey County Children’s Mental Health Collaborative (RCCMHC) co-facilitates this meeting and the subcommittees and post-meeting actions that emerge from these discussions.  Together, we learn how to build a more cohesive and collaborative team that coordinates our crisis response strategies to address emergent needs, gaps and system changes in the community. 

Please click on the folder icon to access your Team Tools such as shared resources, meeting notes, and presentations.

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