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Safe Families

Hi folks!  If you, or those you work with, have been wondering how to provide HANDS ON Mutual Aid to your neighbors during these very trying times, please consider attending this presentation with Director, Elizabeth Beseke to learn about the SAFE FAMILIES program



Friday, May 14th, @ 9AM


Join via ZOOM

The SAFE FAMILIES program tends to work more with faith community volunteers mostly but is available to partner with those in service clubs who want to volunteer in the community.

We need more volunteers providing supportive assistance to families experiencing crisis in Ramsey County.  Your involvement is critical in helping us expand the circle of mutual aid communities helping our neighbors in need.  


And remember, the training you received from Safe Families on topics like motivational interviewing, trauma-informed care and coaching support will help grow the knowledge base of those volunteers helping your faith community members as well.


Thanks everybody!  If you have any questions, please email me at or call me at 651-604-3514.

Thanks so much everyone!!! Mary Sue.

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