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Guiding Our Children Through Life's Challenges

November 15, 2012
 6:15 – 8:00pm

Learn insights and practical strategies for helping our children succeed, with presenter Paul Bernabei,  director of Top 20 Training. 

Northwest Youth and Family Services Discovery Center
3490 Lexington Avenue N., Shoreview, MN 55126

The life journey of our children will inevitably present them with challenges along the way. This session will provide parents with insights and practical strategies for helping their children:
• Manage their thinking in order to make choices that result in more successful and positive experiences.
• Learn from mistakes and move outside their comfort zone.
• Find ways to enhance and become part of their child’s education.
• Communicate more effectively and improve their relationship with their children.
• Develop positive mental habits.

Refreshments and child care provided (pre-registration required - call Lisa Vosbeek at 651-265-2433)