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Increasing Connections for Kids & Families

Isolation increases risk while connections increase protection. To reduce isolation, we need to increase connections, both to people and to places.  We can help you get connected. 

The fancy word for this is social capital, which is basically old-fashioned neighborliness.  Social capital is the connections we have with other people and resources.  It is important because when we face challenges, we turn first to people we know: our family, neighbors, friends, our child’s teacher or child care provider, or co-workers.  We need both wide and deep connections. 

How are the Children? makes it easier for people to get connected to people and places they need to know whether it's help with heating bills or help finding a low-cost after school tutoring program.  We are collaborating with Bethel University to identify and learn more about what is available in Suburban Ramsey County and to identify gaps and opportunities for building more social capital.  Check out the resources we have already identified and stay tuned as we post more resources on this website. 

How are the Children? is also about connecting people who have something to give with local programs and organizations who serve our neighbors and communities.  If you are interested in sharing your resources (food, clothing, household items, furniture, etc.) or cash, these organizations specifically support children and families in Suburban Ramsey County.  If you are interested in volunteering, we also have identified some local organizations who can use your help.   We encourage you to check them out and think about ways you can make a difference by showing Suburban Ramsey County kids matter.