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Suburban Ramsey County

Community Action Teams

Local Community Action Teams are meeting on a regular basis to network with one another, problem solve and coordinate supports to help homeless families and individuals remain in their schools and communities. These teams are made up of faith communities, school staff, and service providers.  These teams are networks of vital district community action teams that support homeless or near homeless families and individuals. Teams have formed in the following communities:

Local Resources

Local Organizations attending to homelessness

Project Home provides emergency shelter in Ramsey County for children and their parents.  They work with dozens of area churches, synagogues and schools, and provide 40-60 beds of emergency shelter for children and their parents in Ramsey County each night. During fiscal year 2011, Project Home emergency shelter beds were slept in 12,689 times.

Mean Girls and Boys: What Parents & Kids Can Do to Stop Bullying

November 17, 2011

6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Northwest Youth & Family Services Discovery Center
3490 Lexington Ave N, Suite 205, Shoreview, MN 55126

The sad truth is that mean girl and boy behaviors are rampant in our children’s Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. Kids are calling each other names, deliberately excluding some kids from belonging, making up rumors about each other and sending nasty texts. Estimates are that half of all school children experience the stress and anxiety that results from bullying. Many more experience the pain of emotional aggression.

Make a donation to local efforts impacting children and families

If you have food, clothing, or household goods you'd like to donate, give locally by supporting theseSuburban Ramsey County organizations.

Get help finding chemical and mental health resources

Click here for a list of community mental and chemical health resources for youth in Ramsey County.

Get help with basic family needs (food, clothing, shelter)

Click here for a complete list of resources to help with basic family needs (food,clothing, shelter, household goods).

How Connected are Suburban Ramsey County Kids?

This chart shows what percentage of Suburban Ramsey County students, in the 2007 Minnesota Student Survey, said they feel various categories of adults care about them very much or quite a bit.