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New Brighton

Night to Unite

Night to Unite, the annual event held on the first Tuesday in August to celebrate and strengthen neighborhood and community partnerships, is once again sponsored by the Minnesota Crime Prevention Association, AAA of Minnesota/Iowa, and local law enforcement!

Tuesday, August 5 is soon here – start making plans with your neighbors for this year’s event!

Event hosts are encouraged to register their event by Friday, July 18.  Registered events make it possible for deputies and public safety representatives to stop by.

Increasing Connections for Kids & Families

Isolation increases risk while connections increase protection. To reduce isolation, we need to increase connections, both to people and to places.  We can help you get connected. 

Who We Are

Our Vision: Suburban Ramsey County is a community where our children and youth's safety, security, health and learning are a priority for all and no child remains at risk.

SRFC How Are the Children

Caring adults are critical to youth development and healthy kids are critical to our communities and our future. 

The relationships and experiences kids have in childhood and adolescence lay the foundation for outcomes that really matter: