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Taking Care of the Whole Family

Parents are often torn between wanting to focus all their time and attention on a hurting child while balancing the needs of themselves and the rest of the family. 

When one child is going through challenging times, it can impact the whole family.  Here are some tips for keeping your whole family strong during challenging times:

Signs of Potential Violence

There is no such thing as a foolproof warning sign that someone might harm others but it is helpful for adults to be aware of some of the common warning signs of someone at risk to be violent.  Warning signs are signs adults should be paying more attention to determine what action to take.  A child or young person can show several warning signs without being violent and someone can be violent without showing any warning signs in advance.  

Signs of Abuse

The federal Administration for Children, Youth, and Families lists the following as physical and behavioral signs of child abuse and neglect.

If you are worried that a child may be experiencing physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, contact Ramsey County Child Protection at 651-266-4500. 

Your Child's Health and Development

Good health is an important aspect of well-being.  It can sometimes be easier to identify the physical needs of children than to identify their mental and emotional needs.  Just as kids need food, sleep, exercise, regular check-ups, and a healthy living environment, they also need love, self-confidence, playtime with other kids, encouragement, security, and guidance and limits. 

How to Build a Child's Self Confidence

Appropriately high self-confidence is an important protective factor for kids.  When kids have a positive sense of themselves, they believe they are capable of success and competent to handle challenges.  They also have an easier time with:

Supporting Parents

We often say it takes a village to raise a child.  Yet recent research by the Search Institute in conjunction with the YMCA found most parents are "doing it themselves" without the support, encouragement, and networks that make it easier for them to raise strong kids and overcome the daily challenges of parenting. 

Parents who do seek help are most likely to seek support from family and friends.

Every Kid Needs at Least Three Caring Adults

Does your child have at least three non-parent adults they can talk with about things on their mind?  In Suburban Ramsey County, our goal is for each child or young person to have at least five adults encouraging and supporting them as they grow up.

Unfortunately, less than half (43%) of young people ages 11-18 have three or more caring adults in their lives.

Ways to Reduce Stress

Parenting can be a stressful job.  Especially when you're facing parenting challenges, most of your time and attention can be focused on your child or children. 

Connecting to Other Parents

Other parents, especially the parents of your children’s friends, can be a wonderful resource and support and, as your children get older and more independent, a strong network for developing common limits and monitoring teens’ activities.    

Free Multicultural Publications for Parents Available

PACER Center has publised a series of free brochures for reaching families from diverse cultures who may have concerns about their child's development. 

The materials are in Hmong, Spanish, Somail, and Russian.  English versions, available to all parents but especially directed to American Indian and African American parents, also accompany each order of translated materials. 

The eye-catching brochures feature culture-specific photographs and family-friendly language.  There is space to affix a label providing local contact information on the back page of the brochure.