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God, I miss my baby girl

September 6-12 is national Suicide Prevention Week.  In recognition of this, we’re sharing the story of a girl named Sarah who, just over a year ago, took her life through suicide. 

In his grief and concern that no other parent ever experience what he experienced, her father shared their story in the hope that other parents will see the subtle signs and get the help they need for their child.

Go for it, Grandparents

When I started in my position as Coordinator of How are the
Children? I met with many people who have been working to create healthy
communities for Suburban
Ramsey County
kids for many years.  Kirsten Dawson
shared some vintage copies of the PCN Communicator, the newsletter of the
District 621 Parent Communication Network. 

This entry, written by Murt Seltz, in the December 2000
newsletter is still as good today as when it was written. 

Everyday People Creating Miracles

  • “Everyday people
  • Are the ones who are making miracles
  • And it’s beautiful”
  • Carole King

In February, 2006 Michael Resnick, Ph.D., Professor of Pediatrics and
Public Health and Director of Research in the Division of Adolescent Health and
Medicine at the University of Minnesota spoke to a gathering of concerned Suburban Ramsey County

What Our Kids Want Adults To Know

Early in 2009, How are the Children? staff interviewed young
people, ages 12-22, about their interactions with adults.  One of the questions we asked was, “What do
you wish adults knew about how you’d like them to interact with you?”

Here’s what they told us:

Supporting Mental Health

As a parent there are many things you can do to support your child's mental health and well-being.

Family Meals

Recent research has shown that family dinners really matter.  According to the Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse, regardless of a teen’s gender, family structure, or family socioeconomic level, teens who eat dinner with their families often are more likely to:

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Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative Staff Contact Information

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Peggy Huot-Hansen
SRFC Project Manager
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Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative
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Ages & Stages

Every child is different and every stage in a child's life can bring new and interesting challenges.  As parents, it is important to learn about and be aware of our children's needs and differences at different stages of their development. 

It can be hard to know what are typical behaviors for kids of various ages but experts have been able to identify milestones in how a child typically plays, learns, speaks and acts at various ages. 

Worried about a Child or Young Person?

As parents, our job is to look ahead at the risks our children may face, prepare for them, and courageously do everything we can to prevent our children from experiencing bad outcomes. Preparing for the teen years is different from, but just as important as, child proofing our homes.  Only in this case, we might think of it more as "environment proofing" our children. 

For Parents

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Welcome to For Parents, the section of our website devoted to the important role of families--parents, guardians, grandparents, step-parents, etc.   If we want to know "How are the Children?" we also need to ask "How is the family?" because kids do better when their families do better.