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The Power of Family Meals

Think over the past week.  How many times did you sit down with your children to eat a meal? 

Just one thing (eating meals together) done three times a week makes a huge difference in your child's future.  And, it's good for the whole family. 

Research shows that children who share at least three meals a week with their families do better in school and are less likely to:

Ask our Candidates "How are the Children?"

As the November elections near, Minnesota's Childrens Defense Fund (CDF) reminds us, and our candidates, about the importance of asking "How are the Children?" before making policy decisions.

As adults we to talk around the real issue of ‘How are the children?’ and instead focus on self-interests, such as who pays taxes and how much, who can get a marriage license and who can’t, and many other issues that are secondary when a child’s life and future are at stake.  Norma Bourland, CDF-MN

Quick Parenting Support Links

Are you worried about your child or a child you know?  Worried about a family situation?  Looking for new ideas of things to try?

We've compiled a list of common concerns with quick links to resources you can use.  Please contact us if you need help finding resources for your situation. 

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Help Our Neighbors in Suburban Ramsey County

Looking for a way to support children and families in our communities?  How are the Children? has posted  a list of organizations who accept donations of food, household goods, furniture, clothing, and cash.  If one of your New Year's resolutions is to clean and organize, bring food and/or your clean, gently used clothing, towels, sheets, coats, boots, etc. to one of these organizations. 

Finding Help with Food, Clothing & Shelter

In the past few weeks, I've talked with a couple of people who weren't aware that there is help for struggling families in Suburban Ramsey County.  If you are a resident of Suburban Ramsey County, including Arden Hills, Falcon  Heights, Lauderdale, Little Canada, Maplewood, Mounds View, New Brighton, North St.


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How Are the Children Parent Messages

Check out our Parent Messages, with facts and statistics about Suburban Ramsey County kids as well as simple things parents and other caring adults can do to make a difference in the lives of kids.  Please share these widely with people you think would be interested.

Increasing Connections for Kids & Families

Isolation increases risk while connections increase protection. To reduce isolation, we need to increase connections, both to people and to places.  We can help you get connected.