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All Ages

Strong Families

To build a strong family, make the care and nurturing of your children one of your highest priorities. 

The time you invest today in building a strong family will payoff for years to come.  Pick a place to start and get going.

Violence and Abuse

Unfortunately, violence and abuse are too frequent in our communities and affect all of us, regardless of age, race, or socio-economic factors. To help parents recognize and respond to signs of violence or abuse, we've gathered some information on three common forms of violence and abuse:

Child Abuse (which can include physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse or neglect)

Dating violence (which occurs in relationships)

Signs of Potential Violence

Worried About Youth Alcohol or Drug Use?

Risky behaviors like using alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs are often seen as “benchmark” indicators because they are associated with children engaging in other risky behaviors including early sexual activity, violence and school difficulties.

Workshops and Speakers

SRFC can provide formal or informal talks and workshops for adult audiences in Suburban Ramsey County.  All workshops can be customized based on the audience, length of time available, and particular interests of your group. 

How are the Children of Suburban Ramsey County doing?

Community Resources

Community matters when raising kids.  Through Community Connections, SRFC is creating positive environments for children by:

SRFC How Are the Children

Caring adults are critical to youth development and healthy kids are critical to our communities and our future. 

The relationships and experiences kids have in childhood and adolescence lay the foundation for outcomes that really matter:

How Are the Children Blog

The How Are the Children Blog is an informal vehicle for the desemination of News and Information provided by our staff and other members of the Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative.

Welcome to the How Are the Children SRFC Website

Welcome to the How Are the Children website of the Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative (SRFC). 

When Masai warriors return to their village, they ask “how are the children?” because they measure the health and well-being of the tribe by the health, safety and well-being of the children. 

In Suburban Ramsey County, we continuously ask “how are the children?”  Raising kids is a group effort and everyone—parents, family members, teachers, neighbors, elected officials, communities—has a stake in the health and success of our kids.